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Castlefreke, Clonakilty,
West Cork, Ireland.

Head Office: Tel: 023-8836862









Pat O Driscoll Plant Hire Ltd is committed to protecting the natural resources we use and reducing our environmental footprint with the ultimate goal of having a net-neutral impact on the planet. We have focused our environmental sustainability efforts on water, energy and solid waste, areas where we can make the biggest impact.

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The company is committed to complying with environmental legislation, preventing pollution and continual improvement.

We recognise that our operations may directly affect the local, natural and human environment, we endeavour to maintain the highest environmental standards in all our activities.

Our company consistently seeks to increase our employee’s awareness of our aim to conserve and where possible, recycle all waste materials. This is achieved by segregation at source, provision of lay down areas for specific wastes, such as building rubble, timber, glass and plastic.

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We are fully aware as a company of the advantages of minimising our waste output.


We design for the efficient use of materials and energy and where a choice exists specify only these construction materials which are environmentally benign and naturally sustainable.

To facilitate the implementation of this policy the company has established a waste management procedure for each site, which will be included in the Safety & Health Plan and will be brought to the attention of all on site users.